Sunday, February 3, 2008

Accounting & Bookkeeping

I decided to blog these as I am going to appear for my second semester of my CPA exam, well I am really very tensed about the paper it is one of the toughest that I am going to face. I also could not do much study as I was busy with Vishnu and having a fun time.
My exam for Certified Public Accountants is nearing..and I have to go to the carnival. My Conscience says NO NO...oh god help me....I am no longer a teenager playing pranks...
Anyway I will let you all know about the details of my Accountant course, Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.
I am doing my certification from American Institute of Certified financial Accountants.
It is a 2 years course and I am doing my second semester and completion I will become an accountant.
I always dream about being a Financial Ad visor to a multinational firm, where my work will not only be confined to tax calculations and balance sheets. I would take greater steps in tapping in financial resources for the company, making the yearly budget for expenses and in true sense can become a financial consultant by tracking business financing and setting an optimum output level.

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