Thursday, July 3, 2008

Insurance companies versus Doctors

The cold war between doctors and health Insurance companies are everlasting, when the doctor asserts the health

Insurance companies resents.
It is a known fact that the health insurance claims needs to be regulated and genuine claims should be made so as to

avoid fraudulent claims. Here again the question is raised by us, do we accept the Insurance company's diagnosis

instead of our Doctor's?

The Insurance companies are always bent upon proving the doctors wrong as it is evident from Anthem Blue cross that

they follow strict protocols in determining the appropriate care and heavily relies on medical evidence and sometime

denying medical care, this had been recently quoted by the Kaiser Health policy report. The Health advisor Jerry

Flanagan also included that the Insurers are going back to the old strategies of the 90's, which resulted in

interrupted care or denying of treatmentoffered by a doctor.

with the recession on the loom and market on rough waters the Insurers are watching their tactics same as we are. So

if you want claims to be made in your way be cautious and keep your medical log up to date.

The stake is always higher for bigger firms who have to maintain many logs for employee compensation and medical

expenses, hence it is always advisable for them to hire good accountants for their accounting services.
The best way to manage your expenses, funds and investments is by keeping a tab on it.

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