Friday, February 29, 2008

How to Hire an Accountant

Ask for Referrals: Ask everyone you can think of; family, friends, business owners, financial advisors and attorneys. It will help to ask someone who has a similar tax situation to yours.

Local, independent tax firms are specialized in the tax needs of individuals and small businesses. Call around to at least three tax offices to ask about their prices and how quickly you can schedule an appointment. Ask if the firm has the expertise to handle your taxes. Be sure to ask for a senior-level tax accountant.
Accountants have various ways for the billing depending on the type of service performed. Ask your tax accountant will charge for the services that you are requesting assistance with. An hourly rate is commonly used, but for specific services they can also charge on a regular basis.
Talk to your tax accountant before making any major decision so you will know the tax implications ahead of time; it will save your time later if all of the documents are in proper order. Accountants get paid by the hour, so the harder you make their job, the more it will cost you.

Write down the questions that you want to ask; it helps you to keep your visit organized. Take notes when you are talking with the accountant so you will not have to ask the same question again. This exercise can help you to save money and time.

Ask for a detailed bill for each type of service that you receive, including time and billing rate. This will help to give some clues about what you can do to help save money.

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